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Landslide Larry's Sandbox


You have stumbled across what used to be the gateway for Alohaweb Communications internet site design and hosting. I started this site in 1996 hoping to convince local businesses that the internet was the wave of the future. Although I did build quite a few sites in those days, for the most part they just laughed at me. Now they're all online. I do on occassion build simple sites for some folks.

Fortunately, I didn't give up my Performing Arts Center Manager day job at the University of Hawaii- Hilo. But, after 25 years, I've now retired and returned to my old love of designing and hand crafting jewelry. If you'd like to see my online store click here.

The only other part of the site that might interest some of you is a blog I wrote while touring Mexico with my daughter in a funky old RV we call The Beast. If you're interested click here.

As to the "Landslide Larry" header ...that's a whole long story. Maybe I'll put up a blog about it someday.



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